Canadian CWG Lineup


Just talking myself through things again. Apparently the format for TF/AA Q is 5-4-3. Shaking things up, yo!

Black, Moors, Onyshko, Chant, Merkle

VT: Black & Chant, Moors, +1 - B&C HAVE to do VT, provided their uninjured, because they both could easily medal. Moors has a DTY. Merkle and Onyshko…


does anyone else suddenly just feel really really proud when they think about things that their close friends are achieving? because holy crap it just kind of hit me that two of my closest friends competing in the COMMONWEALTH GAMES next week holy shit



Y’all may think differently but I think the real winner here is Kyla

because she is an Olympic Champion who is going to Stanford and has UCLA as her #2 option

the Amy Chow of our generation.