Queen of the floor Simone is now here
Double double scraping God with her foot
Biles with a step forward
Double tuck stand Turn was very good
Got the split 1.5 all the way round this time
Huge dlo with a small skid back
She brought back the front aerial thank god Good full in.
Very solid floor!! So happy


Aliya’s Floor difficulty will either be 7.8 or 3.5 there’s no in between. I’ll have to Hold my breath everytime untill she does (or doesn’t) do that fucking turn and I’m nervous.

Anonymous asked:

Do you know anyone who's covering Russia's podium training today?



Haha jk. So, don’t think we can expect event by event live tweeting but @gymcoaching on twitter provided a few tweets last night. He’s our best bet atm.

Here’s a few of the people that are there and might provide some coverage on twitter.

@BritGymnastics, @LEONMagazin, @officialFIG, @theallaround

@GinnasticaIta (ITA)
@Sports2Visuals (NED but these are THWTS people so they’ll cover everyone)
@GraceClick (CAN but working for InsideGym so everyone)


I’ll let you know if anything more solid comes up. Rick (@gymcoaching) will definitely follow the Russians but will also be following Canada (and probably Fadwa…) :) 


30 minutes